after-dork theme

2 minute read published: 2021-03-30

after-dork is a darkish theme for the static site generator Zola.

Zola is my preferred way to populate my sites with content. i like it a bit more than Hugo, another very famous static site generator (SSG).

both SSGs are very easy to deploy as they are just one file containing everything. just transfer it to your system, e.g. to /usr/local/bin, make it executable and enjoy. i assume you are using a unix-like operating system.

now, what makes Zola more likable than Hugo? Zola is written in Rust, Hugo in Go. that would make it a stand-off, or so. templating and theming in Zola is a tad better. it is similar to Jinja2 templating you might know from Python. that's more my style. Hugo templating is ugly and you have to dig deeper in documentations.

my theme after-dork is derived from after-dark by Vincent Prouillet. the modifications are not too many, though. i like it all caps small and archive for posts. so this theme delivers.

the nice thing about theming and SSGs is: it's just text files. mostly markdown, html and css. so you may very easily adapt the theme to your likings. if you are hanging around on GitHub, just fork my theme and move on. otherwise grab the archive of the theme and unpack it to your site's theme directory.

happy hacking! 🚀 💥 🔥

you should already know the looks of this theme, but just for reference a screenshot of after-dork: screenshot of Zola theme after-dork