what is bfan.cc

1 minute read published: 2021-03-29

bfan.cc are servers hosting several web services. most services are not open to the general public.

multiple sites are hosted under the domain bfan.cc. most of them are sub-domains to bfan.cc because many services require a dedicated domain. this is mostly for convenience as it makes deploying the services more easy for the stressed sysop.

the main purpose of bfan.cc is to be a federated matrix instance. matrix is a free communication standard that will ultimately replace every other annoying messenger system. i look at you facebook and signal ;-)

matrix will not mandate to use a single mobile or desktop application to participate in communication. instead you have the free choice of your frontend messenger/client. there are serveral clients available to choose from.

furthermore clvr.bfan.cc is a pleroma instance for micro-blogging in the style of twitter. with pleroma one can interact with every mastodon instance on the net. all those mastodon servers can federate with one another (called fediverse). think email.

more blog posts will be published about those services. so check out this site from time to time.